Insulated Concrete Forms

LOGIX form concrete molds

All Star Concrete is proud to be a LOGIX ICF distributor for homeowners and contractors in Greater Winnipeg. LOGIX is considered an industry leader in insulated concrete form systems, with sustainable building products that will ultimately create warmer, healthier and greener indoor environments. Not to mention, they are builder-friendly as well!

We provide brace rentals and education sessions on ICF and proper placing. Contact us to learn more.

LOGIX Pre-Pour Checklist

  • Line strung in place around top of entire perimeter
  • Walls straight and plumb (or 1/4 to inside)
  • Top course foamed or tied down and zip tied end-to-end
  • Additional form support placed on all corners
  • Tee-walls foamed and supported
  • Alignment screw in every course
  • Scaffold planking properly secured
  • All handrails and toe boards installed
  • All bucks braced
  • All bucks secured to wall
  • All buck concrete anchors installed
  • All horizontal and vertical rebar in place
  • All lintel reinforcing in place
  • All penetrations installed
  • All beam pockets in place
  • All floor embedment installed
  • Anchor bolts and hold-downs on-site
  • Wall cavity free of foreign material
  • Plywood, screwgun and saw on site
  • Top interlock protected by tape or other covering

LOGIX Post-Pour Checklist

  • Consolidation completed
  • Walls straightened to string line
  • Exposed concrete protected from extreme weather
  • All anchors and embeds installed
  • Spilled concrete disposed
  • Final check for straight and plumb
  • Bracing cleaned after removing from forms
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